Posting Exploros Assignments in Google Classroom

Two methods

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Exploros is integrated with Google Classroom and you can assign an Exploros learning experience and have it automatically post in Google Classroom.ย 

By default, assignments in Exploros that are linked to a Google Classroom Class automatically post to Google Classroom.

Automatic Assignment Link Posted to Google Classroom

When a class in Exploros is imported from Google Classroom (see this article) Exploros assignments automatically show up in Google Classroom for that Class.

In Step 3 of the Assign Process, you will see a notice under the Assign Button that says that the assignment will also post to Google Classroom.

All students who are part of the Exploros assignment within the Google Class will receive the assignment in Google Classroom. Note that while the assignment will appear in Exploros at the Start Time, sometimes it takes a few more minutes to appear in Google Classroom.

Turning Automatic Assignment to Google Classroom Off

If you don't want assignments in Exploros to automatically post to Google Classroom, you can turn this feature off in your class settings. Note that it is not retroactive โ€” it will only affect assignments made after the settings change.

Select a class from the side menu, and under the down carrot, choose Settings:

Uncheck the box that says "Automatically send Exploros assignments to Google Classroom."


If assignments are not showing up in Google Classroom here are some suggestions.

  1. Make sure the class is a Google Classroom Class. You will be able to verify this by looking in the class roster. If the roster does not indicate that the class was imported from Google Classroom, you cannot automatically post assignments back to Google.

  2. Make sure that every student in the class is also part of the Google Classroom class. In Exploros, you can import students from a Google Classroom class, then add to the roster. If you do this, it may affect the ability to post assignments back to Google. You may need to sync the class to make both rosters the same.

  3. You can always manually post a link to the Exploros App ( in Google Classroom. By clicking on this link, students will be taken to Exploros and in most cases already be logged in (since they log in with Google). If they are not logged in, they can click Log In with Google, and then see their assignments (example below).

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