Exploros is integrated with Google Classroom and you can assign an Exploros learning experience and have it automatically post in Google Classroom. 

Post Link to Exploros App in Google Classroom (Fall back solution)
First, if your students are using Google for their Exploros accounts, you can always post the direct link to the Exploros app (https://app.exploros.com) in any Google Classroom assignment. By clicking on this link, students will be take to Exploros and in most cases already be logged in (since they log in with Google). If they are not logged in, they can click Log In with Google, and then see their assignments.

Post Direct Link to Assign Experience (Integrated Solution)

When your class in Exploros was imported from Google Classroom (see this article) you can have Exploros assignments automatically show up in Google Classroom for that Class. 

In Step 3 of the Assign Process, you will see a "Post assignment to Google Classroom" check box. Make sure this is clicked before you press Assign.

This will post the assignment for the included students to both the Exploros App and to Google Classroom. Note that the assignment will appear immediately in the Exploros App, but it may take a minute or two to appear in Google Classroom. 

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