Importing and Syncing Classes with Google Classroom
The quickest way to get started with Exploros is to import your Google Classes
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In Exploros, everything is organized by the classes you create, so to see learning experiences in your app, you must create at least one class. If you use Google Classroom, you can import a Class and all the students in it with a single click! Furthermore, all the students will automatically get Exploros accounts that they can access Exploros by logging in with Google. 

Here's how you import a Google Classroom Class

1. Log into Exploros using the Sign in with Google button (if you don't do this, there will be no way Exploros knows you are using a google account. If you signed up with an email, but it is actually a Gmail account, you can click the Sign in with Google button to convert the account.)

2. When prompted, allow Exploros to connect to your Google Classroom

3. Open the side menu

4. Click on the black + button to create a new class

5. If you are a Google user using Google Classroom and you have allowed Exploros to view your Classroom information, Exploros will detect your Google Classroom classes and enable the Import from Google Classroom button. Click it, select a class to import, and import it. 

6. Follow the prompts to add a grade and subject. If you are subscribed to a program like WordlyWise i3000, Social Studies Bundle, or another curriculum program, add a license (If you do not, you will not be able to see or assign lessons, depending upon the program).

All students in the Google class will be added to the Exploros class, and if they do not have Exploros accounts, accounts will be created for them. Students can log in at using the Login with Google button, and they're ready to go. It's that easy!

Updating (Syncing) an Exploros Class with it's Original Google Classroom Class

If your Google Class roster changes, you can sync the change with Exploros. 

1.  Navigate to the Exploros class roster that was initially created using the Google Classroom Import.

2. Once in the Roster, click Sync with Google Classroom

NOTE: This process will make your Exploros class match it's Google Classroom counterpart. In the process, students may be both added and removed from your Exploros class, depending upon who is in your Google Class.



You Sync, but some of your students do not get added to the class

Google now allows students with different email domains to be in the same Google Classroom. For student security and privacy, Exploros will not allow any student to be in a class if that student's email domain is not on record with Exploros as part of your subscription. Please contact Exploros to make sure we have all email domains on record.

Google Classroom import button is not active (Grayed out)

Reason 1. You did not sign in using the Sign in with Google button (see above)

Reason 2. Your Google account does not have Google Classroom

Reason 3. When you signed up, you did not allow Exploros permission to access your Google Classroom information or somehow this permission didn't go through. If this is the case, you can provide permission by doing the following

  1. Go to your Google Connected Apps page (

  2. Scroll down to where it says "Third-Party apps with account access" on the right, choose MANAGE third-party Access

  3. Select Exploros from the App list, click on it, and choose REMOVE ACCESS.

  4. Sign in to again using Sign in with Google, and accept the request for Exploros to access your Google basic information.

Once this is done, please try importing from Classroom again. 

You don't see all your classes listed. If the import button is active, but you don't see all your classes listed, it is probably because some of your class names within Google Classroom are not unique (and you only differentiate between classes using the Google Classroom section name.) In Exploros, the class name itself needs to be unique, so you may need to edit your Google Classroom class names to make them different from one another.

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