Assigning a Learning Experience (and Multi-Class Assignment)
Assign a learning experience to a class, or group of students within a class
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Watch this video, or follow the step-by-step directions below.

Open the main menu > Select a class > Click the blue assign button to open your library

Navigate to the experience you want to teach, and click Assign.

There are three steps to assigning an experience.
Step 1: Set TIme
The default start time is now, and the default end time is two hours later. If you set a start time in the future, it will not be accessible to students until that time. Once the end time is reached, the experience will end for all students, automatically be "turned in," and become read-only. If you are not sure how long an experience will take to complete for students, push it out a bit. You can always end experiences manually.

Step 2: Choose Students
Click on Step 2. In this screen, you select the students that will participate in the experience. Depending upon the type of experience, you may also set up small groups and/or reading groups.  

Select the desired class or group from the drop-down list. 

If you don't want to assign the experience to the entire class, you can remove a student from this particular assignment by clicking the X next to his or her name. If the experience is a Small Group experience or contains Reading Groups, you can set your preferences on this screen. For simplicity, Exploros will remember your settings for all future assignments, but you can change them at any time. (More help on Reading Groups and Small Groups).

Step 3: Assign!
Click Step 3 and review the details. You can navigate back to any step if you want to change anything. If everything looks good, click Assign. If you didn't adjust the start time, the experience will be available to students immediately. Otherwise, it will appear for students once the start time is reached.


Assigning an Experience to Multiple Classes At Once

NOTE: For multi-class assignment to work, you need to make sure each class is configured (e.g. Small Groups, if an experience requires small groups.) We recommend that you first assign experiences from within each class, but once each class has been configured, you can streamline the assigning process using this feature.

To assign an experience to more than one class at once, do the following: 

1: Navigate to All Classes
2: Click the + Button

3: The Assign process is similar to the assign process within a specific class, but step 2 contains check boxes for all eligible classes. (If a class is grayed out, it is either not configured yet. To resolve this, first try assigning from within the class.) Select the classes that you want to receive the assignment.

Once you complete the assign process, each class will receive the assignment. 

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