This report provides a view of each unit in a course Scope and Sequence, and what has been taught on your campus or at your district. For each experience taught for each class, you can view class average learning metrics.

Curriculum Progress Report for two teachers teaching multiple sections.

You can hover over an experience icon to see the lesson name.

You can filter the report by unit in the course, by various performance metrics, and by
campus, teacher, and class.

Report filters include:

  1. Unit: The course unit of instruction, generally containing 5–10 experiences
  2. Metrics for heatmap:
  • Average Quiz Score: The average end-of-experience quiz score for all students in the class, on a scale of 0–100%. 
  • Number of Participating Students: Number of students who started the Experience.
  • Average Responses per Student: Average number of posts made per student within the class. Low numbers are an indication that students aren’t progressing in the experience. Encourage teachers to raise this number using best practice strategies.
  • Average Percent Complete: Average percent of the experience completed by the students in a class. Are lessons being started but not completed? Do teachers need help with time management of teaching?
  • Average Time on Task: The average number of minutes per student spent on the experience within the class. Watch these numbers for teachers and lessons with high minutes. How can you share and replicate their success with Others?

    3. School, Teacher, Class: Filters the display for the specific metric.

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