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Student Progress Report - Class Attendance and "Gradebook"
Student Progress Report - Class Attendance and "Gradebook"

This report creates a heat map of different metrics at a student level for each class.

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To navigate to reports, select All Classes and click on the Reports button.

Select the Student Progress Report.

The student progress report looks similar to a grade book. Select the class you want to review, and then you can view various metrics for each student in the class for each experience taught, and an average for the whole class. Metrics include:

  1. Percent complete

  2. Number of responses

  3. Quiz element scores

Experiences that were assigned to the class are displayed according to end time. The report builds from left to right over time.

Rolling over any experience icon shows the experience name in a tooltip. Click the tooltip to open the Ended Experience.

Export Quiz Scores for Gradebook

If you want to export any metric (quiz scores, completion percentage, responses, or time on task) choose the metric, then choose Export to CSV in the upper right-hand corner of the report.

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