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Student Summary Report — All Activity for a Selected Student
Student Summary Report — All Activity for a Selected Student

This teacher report provides data on a single student’s performance on all experiences taught in a class.

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The Student Summary Report is a way to review any given student's activity within a chosen class. Use it to review a single student's work, parent-teacher conferences, etc.

To navigate to the Student Summary report, first enter a Student Progress Report, such as one of the following:

Once in the report, choose a class. The names of the students are hyperlinked. Click on any student's name to open the Student Summary Report. 

Access the Student Summary Report by clicking on a student name in the Student Progress Report

The Student  Summary Report lists all the experiences that the chosen student has participated in. Note that only ended experiences will appear in the list, so anything that is currently assigned will not be in the list until the assigned experience has ended. 

Student Summary Report

Some of the features of this report include:

You can select a different student from the same class using the dropdown menu. You can also filter the list of experiences using a drop down menu to isolate tests, etc. This is useful for analyzing scores, and time spent on experiences, etc. 

For any experience taught, you can view the following metrics:

  • % complete: how much the student completed in each experience.

  • Number of responses the student submitted in each experience. Each time a student posts a response for a given prompt, this number increments. 

  • Average activity score for the student in each experience. This is calculated by averaging all auto-score responses that are not part of a quiz. 

  • Quiz score of each experience. For an experience that contains a quiz, this will show the score. 

  • Time on task: The number of minutes the student spent on the experience.

Student's Averages
The top row displays the student's averages for the data in each column based on the filters. The average is calculated from all relevant data, even it spans multiple pages. 

Export (for Sharing, Analysis, or Printing)
If you want to print the report, or export to a CSV, use the export feature.

Drill Down to the Classroom Experience
Exploros reporting is directly tied to the digital artifacts from the classroom learning experience. To see what transpired in the classroom, click the hyperlinked experience name to review the ended experience. 

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