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Exporting Quiz Grades and Lesson Attendance
Exporting Quiz Grades and Lesson Attendance

Use the Student Progress Report to export important metrics

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The Student Progress Report makes it possible to export quiz scores and other important metrics so that you can use them in your own grade book or other systems.

Once in the Student Progress Report, select a Class, select a Metric, and choose Export to CSV file.

A few notes on the metrics provided:

  • Quiz Scores: In most cases, quiz scores are from the Exit Quiz questions at the end of a learning experience. In such cases, there are usually 4-5 questions, so a missed question has a relatively large impact on the score. If a learning experience is a Unit Review, the question count increases to around 20 questions, so you will see more resolution in Quiz Scores.

  • Percent Complete: This is a good proxy for attendance. When a student has any progress (answers a prompt or navigates to a new scene) the student will increase their Percent Complete metric. A 100% means the student has responded to every prompt and completed all the Scenes in a given learning experience.

  • Responses: This is a rough measure of engagement, however, one cannot tell the quality of the work without looking at the experience in question. You can navigate to the actual Ended Experience by clicking the Experience Icon at the top of any column.

  • Time on Task (minutes): This is a proxy for time on task. It tries to discern student activity versus idle time in the Experience, and tends to be pretty accurate, but it is only an approximation.

NOTE: This report only contains data from learning experiences that have ended. If you have assignments still in progress, the data will not appear in this report until a few minutes after the assignment ends.

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