The Response Dashboard helps teachers address student or class-wide misconceptions in real-time by showing how each student and the class as a whole is doing on every formative assessment. 

Each time a student responds, a colored dot appears in the Responses Dashboard. The responses are auto-graded when possible:

  • green = correct answer
  • blue - partially correct
  • red = incorrect answer
  • gray = open response (cannot be auto-graded)

Instructional Tip 

By looking at the Responses Dashboard vertically, one can see which questions the class finds difficult. By viewing the dashboard for an individual student, it's possible to see when certain students are challenged.

To understand which questions are depicted, use the question tool-tip and position. The tool-tip indicates the question type, and the position within each scene reflects the question itself. 

Real-Time Quiz Grading

Some of the responses depicted on the dashboard are end-of-experience quiz questions. In this case, in addition to the standard indication of correct and incorrect responses, when students submit the quiz by clicking "End Quiz,” their quiz score appears. The score is indicated as percentage of correct answers within the quiz itself.

Skipped Quiz Questions:

If students skip questions on a quiz, the questions are marked incorrect (shown in red) and scored as zero when calculating the quiz score.

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