Campus and District Analyzer

Analyzes all the usage in your district or on your campus

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This report analyzes all the Exploros usage in your district (if you are a district administrator) or on your campus (if you are a campus administrator) and gives you a sense of amount and kinds of activity taking place.ย 

The District or Campus Analyzer is a high-level view of activity.

The top row provides a student engagement summary, which is an important indicator for the usage that drives improved outcomes. In the example above, 2.5K students posted 121K responses that were shared 921K times within the district's classrooms. Quiz score aggregates provide a real-time look into student performance. By monitoring quiz metrics, districts can address issues quickly and tighten feedback loops.

The report also provides a high-level view of teaching activity โ€“ you can quickly see who the power users are on any given campus, and get a sense for the amount of activity. You can also see which experiences are popular and gain insights into the depth of knowledge reflected in student responses.

The filters at the top of the report allow you to filter the data by Schools, Teachers, or Courses:

For example, select the school or campus of choice, click out of the drop down, and the report will filter for that campus. You can also filter for school year and if some of your campuses are not subscribed, get a sense for the kinds of information you could be gaining with a subscription.

Here's an animation on how to access your analyzer.

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