When putting together your curriculum plan, the Curriculum Mappers allow curriculum coordinators and teachers to enter learning standards (e.g. TEKS), sort by Concept, Type, Unit, and breakout, and find Exploros Learning Experiences that will help students learn the particular stanard.

As one example...

To see how to use the Curriculum Mapper Tool, watch this video. Note that this video is put together using TEKS (prior to the streamlining) but the methods shown for how to use the tool to find lessons that address what you want to teach are valid. 

You can access the tools by using these links:

Common Core Standards:

English Language Arts

4th Grade ELA

5th Grade ELA

6th Grade ELA

7th Grade ELA

8Th Grade ELA

TEXAS (TEKS Streamlined 2019):

Social Studies

4th Grade Texas Studies

5th Grade American History
6th Grade World Cultures
7th Grade Texas History
8th Grade U.S. History
11th Grade U.S. History

English Language Arts and Reading

4th Grade ELAR

5th Grade ELAR

6th Grade ELAR

7th Grade ELAR

8th Grade ELAR


7th Grade Civics

6th Grade World Geography (GLCE)
7th Grade World History (GLCE)
8th Grade U.S. History (GLCE)

8th Grade U.S. History

6th Grade Ancient Civilizations

7th Grade Medieval and Early Modern Times

8th Grade U.S. History

If you don't see a tool for the curriculum you are interested in, send us a note using the live chat.

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