Experience Summary Report

This report provides teachers with class level information on all experiences taught.

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Navigate to reports by selecting All Classes and clicking on the Reports button.

Select the Experience Summary Report.

Summary Metrics

The top row provides a summary of activity and the ability to filter by school year and course. You can also export the report as CSV or a pdf.

Experience Summary Report

Report Table

This report is a table of every learning experience you have taught in Exploros. Note that active learning experiences are not listed — only ones that have ended. Each row contains:

  • Date: the date the learning experience ended

  • Class: the class it was assigned within

  • Experience: the name of the experience, linked to the ended version containing all student work

  • Number of participating students: measured by at least some progress in the experience

  • Percent complete: average completion for those that participated

  • Responses: average number of responses for those that participated

  • Quiz score: average quiz score for those that participated

  • Time on task: approximation of average time spent (minutes)

The Date, Class, and Experience fields are filterable. To filter, type in text in the box at the top of each field. For example, type a Class name to show only the experiences taught to that particular class. Note that if you do this, the top summary row of metrics will change according to the filter.

Hyperlink to Ended Experience

Each learning experience listed is a hyperlink to the original experience taught with all student responses, quiz details, etc.

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