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Toggle (on or off) student-facing feedback for auto-graded responses

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During live classroom instruction, Exploros intentionally does not provide students with correct or incorrect feedback. This allows teachers to get a feel for what students truly understand in real-time, enabling them to address student or class-wide issues. However, if students are working independently with Exploros, (e.g. in a flipped classroom or in self-paced work) it can be beneficial to turn on student-facing feedback to show each student in real-time whether or not formative assessment responses are correct or incorrect. 

NOTE:  This feature does not change the nature of quizzes. Students only see quiz results once an assigned experience has ended.

Turn on Student-Facing Feedback in the Settings section to provide assessment feedback in real-time to students.

During the live experience, students will see whether they got auto-scored questions correct, incorrect or partially correct, and be given opportunities to retry if the responses are not correct.

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