For certain curriculum, including Exploros OER Social Studies, teachers can define a reading group for each student. Group B receives full articles, and Group A receives short summaries that are easier to read, with link access to the full article. The article summaries are all hosted on the Exploros site, which makes them readily available regardless of district whitelisting for websites. For ELL students, the summaries are also easy to translate to other languages or have read aloud, using browser text to speech and Google translate features.

If the learning experience includes differentiated passages, a reading group badge will appear on the experience card. When you assign an experience with Reading Groups to students, clicking on the question mark icon will remind you which group receives which article level.

To assign students to reading groups, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an experience and click Assign
  2. In Step 2: Choose Students Assign each student to a reading group by clicking on the appropriate square next to each students name (A or B). The reading groups will be saved after they are set the first time, so in the next experience, they will already be in place. You can change a student’s saved reading group any time you assign another experience.
  3. Complete the assignment flow.

With the lesson, students marked A will see one version of an article, and students marked B will see the other. In the student view, there is no indication of A or B – that is only for the teacher to see.

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